Stay Tuned for my fundraising plans in February

YES, every dress you see me wearing in those photos and many many more dresses, accessories & scarves will be placed in an auction page to be sold to the highest bidder.
I am raising funds to gather $5,000.00 to plan my lifelong dream trip to my homeland to finish my memoire.

Every dollar counts and each dress sold, will bring me one step closer to fulfilling my dream of going home this year.

Stay tuned 😉

Refugee poetry and dinner for human rights in Port Moody


A dinner in Port Moody focusing on refugees through music and poetry will mark the 71st anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

The annual fundraising dinner, to be held Dec. 10 and hosted by members of Tri-Cities Amnesty International, will feature the Vancouver Kurdish Music Ensemble and refugee poet Lozan Yamolky, as well as a video outlining the history of human rights. 

“The Tri-Cities is now home for hundreds of refugees from many different countries,” Amnesty member Hazel Postma said in a press release. “Lozan’s poems evoke the sense of loss, as well as the hope, many of them must feel as they come to terms with their new reality.”

Yamolky was born in Iraq of Kurdish descent and, as a young adult, sought asylum in Turkey where she worked as an interpreter for the UN and the Canadian embassy. She moved with her family to Canada in 1995. Her poems reflect the anguish and suffering experienced by refugees. She says her purpose is to “wake up our conscience.”

The dinner, hosted by the Coquitlam restaurant Pasta Polo, takes place at The Old Mill Boathouse, 2715 Esplanade Ave., Port Moody. Tickets are $25 a person and include music, poetry, dinner, dessert and a silent auction. To reserve, go to

© Copyright 2019 Tri-City News

Tellers Of Short Tales January 9th, 2020

Hello everyone, join us and enjoy (Tellers Of Short Tales) on Thursday January 9th, 2020 6:00-8:00pm in New Westminster. I am the host and will be introducing Shawn Douglas who is a Canadian screenwriter, an academic, and a critically-acclaimed author.

Please join us to enjoy reading by the author and if you have a short story or even a part of a story you are writing, come read it with us.
This is not a critique group nor will we judge your work. Just come and share with us what you wrote.

I will be reading a story from the memoire I am working on. I hope to see familiar faces and new faces. Bring a friend and come. It will be fun!

Write For Rights Day

On Tuesday December 10th, 2019 TriCities Chapter of Amnesty International is hosting an evening of poetry, music, silent auction, delicious food, delightful company and more.

Come join us and get your tickets soon becuase space is limited.

I am humbly and utterly honored to be invited by Joy Silver to be the featured poet for the evening.

As I continue to write my story, I am going to be reading part of it at the event and some new and published poems from my three books, (I’m No Hero), (Counting Waves) & (Dreamers Needed). My books will be on display for sale and part of the proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International.

I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces on Tuesday.

I wish to thank Joy Silver and her incredible team for organizing the annual event that I am so much looking forward to.

You are invited to join us!

If you can’t make it and want to order copies of my books, feel free to contact me directly. Part of the proceeds of any book sold up to/ on the day of the event will be donated to Amnesty International.

I Am Here

They say, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, well, I watched, bewildered, our village here in Canada –a nation of immigrants, got few very loud people who hated refugees with passion. That behavior birthed this poem!
I wrote this poem to awaken in people who hate immigrant & refugee, their sense of compassion, their sense of decency and empathy.
I was commissioned by a chamber choir to write a poem about ‘The Refugee Experience’, so I offered this poem which was composed and sang in majestic and angelic choral music by The DaCapo Chamber Choir in Waterloo Ontario, Canada in March 2019.

I am here
—©Lozan Yamolky
(3rd Book of Poetry collection: Dreamers Needed 2019)

You won’t find me in the abandoned towns, the empty schools,

playgrounds, or the collapsed hospitals
of my homeland. 

You won’t find me

at my friends’ houses, on my bicycle

in the park, or in a roofless home

on a dark and frightening night. 

You won’t find me in the market

that is now colourless and empty;

you won’t find me on a prayer mat

at a mosque that now

is a sniper’s enclave. 

You won’t find me on a merciless

rocky mountain path

overflowing with women and children
searching for safety under a brutal

hot sun. 

You won’t find me covering my ears
to drown out the din

of the relentless bombing. 

You won’t find me in cities

blanketed with smoke,


with the blood of the innocent

oozing beside a fading horizon 
that begs the sun not to leave

at dusk. 

You won’t hear my name mentioned

in the keening cries

of parents left childless in the mayhem;
nor will you find me buried

along with those

that perished from hunger

and from pain, longing for peace,
and you won’t find me

among the little girls bought

and traded and used
spoils-of- war. 

You won’t find me clinging to dear life

on a flimsy boat crossing the sea
in search of a new place to call home,
and you won’t see my life jacket floating.

You won’t find me drowned in the sea,

washed up on an unforgiving shore
or wrapped in a golden rescue blanket


unable to speak or cry. 

You won’t find me in the crowd

fleeing the imminent and terrible end.
You won’t find me fenced-in

behind a gate

from which I cannot escape,

and at the mercy of an army

that cannot understand

the words I speak. 

You won’t find me dousing the flames
of a burning refugee camp in Lesbos. 

You won’t find me picking up

food scraps in Vienna,

and you won’t spot me escaping bulldozers crushing

my makeshift home

on an icy dawn in Calais.   

You won’t find me

where I used to belong

or where I have been lost

on the journey;

I am no longer languishing
in a refugee camp. 

I am not there

because I have been found,
and just like a little tree,
I am planted in new soil.   

I am here 
—I am here now. 

All you must do

is help me grow

because I am the child, 
and this… this is our village.

—©Lozan Yamolky
(3rd Book of Poetry collection: Dreamers Needed 2019)

Forgive my absence folks!

Good day to you all and please do forgive my temporary absence. A lot has been going on in my life starting by my continued healing journey from the (Mild) Traumatic Brain Injury –Ps. I hate calling it ‘mild’ but that is was what I was diagnosed when shortly after the November 23rd, 2018 motor vehicle. There is nothing ‘mild’ about brain injury. folks, please do me a favor and do not give any advice whatsoever to person in your life with brain injury unless you -yourself, have felt that pain. Do not ever tell those with injury that ‘it happened for a reason’ and don’t dare to tell them, ‘you look fine’. dont tell them to ‘get over it’, don’t tell them, ‘the more you talk about it, the worse it gets’. please don’t unless you are prepared to be slapped across the face ok?
I mean well when I say those words becuase I do not want you to make the mistake a small number of people in my circle continue to talk this way with me. I don’t like them but I let them get it out of their system and hopefully one day they read and learn about TBI.

This is an old photo of Christmas 2017 my hubby shot of me when one of my beautiful sisters took me to a salon to make my long curly hair, straight. I kept startling my hubby and my boys confusing them because they kept thinking a strange woman is in the house LOL. That was funny.

My temporary absence was due to many reasons and I can list some of them here: The ongoing physical and mental therapy I am receiving, I started working and driving again, I am back to working on completing my memoir (the TBI prevented me for many months from writing and also creating new poetry), I am gradually and painfully slowly am writing new poems again, my boys are teenagers now and I needed to deal with few family issues beside my 86-year-old father having heart attack and the most important reason to point out here is that my computer got a nasty malware that didn’t allow me to use my website and I am not that bright to fix computer problems so I took time off from posting.

I will try to get back to writing and posting here. I entered few poetry contests and I studied to take my STIBC exam (wish me luck) I am waiting for the test result. Society of Translators and Interpreters of BC will put my name on a massive database of province-wide interpreters and translators and will assist me to also hike my fee/ hourly rate.

I am also aiming at finishing my manuscript and make the first draft before Christmas becuase I am planning to go visit my homeland in spring of 2020

I have been taking a lot of time to heal by connecting to the beings all around me including the four legged, the feathery friends, the scaly ones that swim in the water, the creepy crawlers, the air I breath, the soil I walk on, the water inside me and that rain that falls on me. I have been spending a lot of time in solitude among the mighty grandfathers and grandmother speaking trees in the forest. I have attended few indiginous women sweat lodge and also using CBD oil to help me heal and calm my anxiety.

I have benefited immensely from others around me mainly women who have been beyond kind to me and helping me along the way. Many lifted me up, many of them told me of their own/loved ones brain injures and most just loved me the way I am and helped me whenever I needed them without judging or questioning me or lecturing me on how ‘I should’ be in order to heal from TBI. Those men, those women and those non-binary and two spirit people around me are the reason I am healing and made it this far. You know who you are. I thank you and I love you.

I am blessed and happy to be gradually recovering from the injury yet still struggling with some annoying and disruptive symptoms. I hope they all go a way so I can get back to my life and finish my memoire soon.

Be well, be kind and be you.

I am back baby, I am back!

Poets Rise Up!


We acknowledge that this event is held on the traditional, unceded territories of the səlil̓wətaʔɬ (Tsleil-Waututh), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) & xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) Nations. The ancestral land of the Coast Salish People. Thank you for allowing us to be on your land

You are all invited to our event this weekend:

Poet Rise Up is part of (Art Action Hub, Vancouver)
Come and listen to poets: Elee Kraljii GardinerRajdeep DhaliwalRita Wong … @Brandy Liên Worrall-Soriano & myself the MC Lozan Yamolky
Poets will read poems about climate change and about our beautiful planet so come and listen and be inspired. The poets will bring their published books and chapbooks so come support, local artists.

Come early and mingle. is a two-time John Oliver Secondary School award-winning Graphics Student of the Year. She is an amazing young artist who made this flyer you see posted. Thank you, young lady.