Spider’s Web —©Lozan Yamolky (From book: Dreamers Needed 2019)

I saw drops of water
frozen in time; 
suspended in the air.
I witnessed water
beaded like a pearl necklace
with morning dew.
I marveled at the creator’s ways
of speaking to us
—capturing our attention
to notice a master at work
all around us.
All is asked from us
is to be silent and look for the signs and believe.
Some of them are on display
on a spider’s web
on cold foggy mornings or after the rain.   

—©Lozan Yamolky (From book: Dreamers Needed 2019)

Kurdish House of BC

I am honored to be receiving an Appreciation Certificate from the Vancouver based Kurdish House of BC.
Mr. Shwan Chawshin and each and every volunteer that worked tirelessly to create the beautiful Kurdish Community we have today.

I am humbled and filled with gratitude.

Award Winning Poem of the 8th Rabindranath Tagore Award – International, Contest-2019 Video Recital

RABINDRANATH TAGORE AWARD – AWARD WINNING POEM – VIDEO RECITAL BY Lozan YamolkyGopakumar RadhakrishnanMarch 24 at 8:30 PM

Rabindranath Tagore Award – International, Contest – 2019


We are proud to present the ‘Award Winning Poem of the 8th Rabindranath Tagore Award – International, Contest-2019’ Video Recital by the winner poet – Lozan Yamolky from Iraq/Canada .

We have requested other winners to record their video recital of their winning poems and we hope that, it will be available soon


We are preparing the Awards for the top ten winners and its digital version will be circulated soon and the framed version will be given during our 10th National Poets and Writers event on May 26th at Vasco, Goa

For registration please visit the below link


Gopakumar Radhakrishnan

Susan Rogers, Dushyant Nimavat, Margo Berdeshevsky

Brave Woman Speaks



One poem, one poet, one courageous woman sums up the pain many of us women who’ve been assaulted felt and feel now.
Those coward individuals that dare to call themselves ‘men’ just becuase they have male genitals and nothing else; those who attack and molest little girls and little boys are not men but garbage, evil and worthless pathetic waste of the breath they breathe. I do not know why there is still shaming of women who come out telling the world what has been done to them? The abusers should be ashamed not the victim!
We got it all backward but thank goodness, the table is turning and we are no longer afraid of our abusers.

Sexual assault can happen to ANYBODY at ANY TIME. It doesn’t matter what a person is wearing, thinking or doing, what time of the day or night she happen to be out and where in the world she is.
100% of rapes are caused by RAPISTS!

This woman sums up how I felt and how I feel today.. #MeToo
Brava woman warrior, Brava!

GOSHHHH I wish I can post this a thousand times!

Kurds in Vancouver celebrating Newrooz 2019

I hope you come too and make a full picnic day..
Newrooz in Vancouver
(Kurdish House) is celebrating Newrooz Kurdish New Year and Kurdish National day of struggle for Freedom ….
Sunday , March 24th 2019 , at Barnet Marine Park , on 8181 Barnet HWY . Burnaby B.C. Canada
Starts at 11:00am till 6pm . They will have both live music and DJ . Mostly live music .
Everyone welcome
Its free of charge and it is a big mighty picnic … come join us 🙂

UNESCO World Poetry Day on Thursday March 21, 2019 @ 6:00pm

Forgive my delay and short notice about the event happening tomorrow.
I will be one of the readers at this year’s Writers International Network & Moberly Art & Cultural Centre. We invite you to an evening of poetry in celebration of UNESCO World Poetry Day on Thursday March 21, 2019 @ 6:00pm
Join us to enjoy amazing poetry 🕊

I will read my award winning poem ( Peace Treaty )
Connect with Ashok and ad your name to open mic and share your poetry with us.
Lots of free parking in Vancouver and even snacks, tea and coffee provided.

Get your DaCapo Chamber Choir tickets for 9/3/2019 & 10/3/2019 now!

I will be in Waterloo & Kitchener Ontario (Follow The Moonroad) event to read my poem “I am here” before the DaCapo Chamber Choir lead by Christina Dunkin sing it.


Get your ticket soon to secure your spot on Saturday March 9th in Kitchener Ontario or Sunday March 10, 2019 in Waterloo Ontario.

Saturday March 9th, 8pm (Kitchener) & Sunday March 10th, 3pm (Waterloo)

  • guest artist: Miriam Stewart-Kroeker, cello
  • premiere of Following the Moonroad, the commissioned work for choir & cello by Christine Donkin (featuring new texts by Canadian poets Connie Braun, George Elliott Clarke & Lozan Yamolky)

I am packing my traditional Kurdish costumes to wear those two days. I hope I won’t freeze when I am there. I am not used to the cold there and have never been eastern Canada before.