my 46th Birthday


With my awesome hubby, Harry.

I had a wonderful evening with friends, family & neighbors celebrating my 46th birthday. I only used the date to clean the house and eat lots of cake so I had a perfect reason to plan the party; my birthday!

Thank you to all the emails, txts and phone calls wishing me a happy birthday.
My brother Kaka Dalan took some photos and this is the only one he send me to far ūüôā
Once the rest come in, i will post them here.

Willow Manor in Maple Ridge


I am invited to be a guest poet at one of the nursing homes in Maple Ridge where I used to work as a Care Aide for few years. It will be nice to visit the fun bunch and share with them my poetry.


On Wednesday February 28th I am a guest poet in Maple Ridge showcasing my books and reciting my poems.

Beside working there and freelanced as a Senior Companion, I also was their Arabian Dancer/ entertainment gal. oh, ya. I even once made it to front page in the local papers.

I miss those fun days and it will be fun to go back again.

Belly DanceIMG_0342 (2)IMG_0382


Black Bond Books

New poem


I am writing a new poem this morning. I am still working on it but here are few lines from it:
Great wealth comes

with an even greater secret.

Once the secret is revealed,

the wealth collapses

like a house of cards.


Lozan Yamolky

Cuban Might

Cuba poem


Cuban Might
©Lozan Yamolky


Oh, what did Irma do to you, my dear?


How can I ease the pain;

how can I lessen the burden?


The hurricane that devastated and pulled many trees off their roots;

tossed them like the autumn leaves

in its mighty blow,

spared you somehow.

I wonder,

did Irma take it easy on you

or did you hold on tighter to your ground

and didn’t let go?


Oh, the many poems I shall write just for you!


©Lozan Yamolky

Your Life’s Journey

©Lozan Yamolky

Unless the city sidewalk

has even once, been your bed,

try not to condemn the homeless.


Unless you lived countless days

and countless nights

sad beyond words,

try not to pass judgement on those

battling depression.


Unless you have been betrayed 

by a person you trusted,

try not to be too quick to criticize 

those who have difficulty trusting.


Unless you have felt

the deep anguish of a woman

terminating her pregnancy,

try not to hatefully question

a woman’s right to choose.


Unless you have been displaced

in search of a new life,

in a foreign land,

try not to scorn a refugee.


Unless you have been ill

to the point of finding it difficult

caring for yourself,

try not to judge those living

in messy homes.


If you have never had to choose

between dressing well;

feeding your hungry stomach;

buying your medication;

pay your utility bills;

or keeping a roof over your head,

try not to be condescending to those

who looking poor.


My heart aches seeking freedom.


My spirit loves living life.


My crying voice sings beautiful songs.


My arms spread wide, seeking peace.



Reach out for me,

I am everywhere.


I am the needy

you just passed by.


I am the one

you just avoided making eye contact with.


Talk to me.

Do not fear me.

Come close to me.

Do not turn your back on me;

I am here

because I am a part

of your life’s journey.



©Lozan Yamolky
I’m No Hero
Published in 2016 by Silver Bow Publishing
Photo by: Helene Levasseur