Stay Home – Stay Safe

It is day 11 of my 14-days self quarantine since I returned abruptly from my dream journey to my beloved homeland Kurdistan. I have a lot of projects to finish while home and I am shifting my office in the living room into another quieter room in our house to give me a lot of alone time to finish writing. The motor vehicle accident and the mild traumatic brain injury I suffered, delayed my book one whole year and now, the corona virus world wide pandemic is delaying it again. My trip to my homeland was to go to certain places and meet certain individuals but due to the spread of the virus (2 cases at the time), I was unable to do that so I took the time to visit some people and see parts of my hometown that was not closed.

The gentle and highly intelligent lady welcomed me into her beautiful house and we chatted for hours. She gifted me many many books one of which is of a famous Iraqi poet (Muhammad Mahdi Al-Jawahiri). I recall my very first school project I did on my own about a well known and historical figure, I selected him and I loved his poetry. I loved that he was political writer. Her late husband, my he rest in peace, written books about him becuase they both were friends with that poet.

Such an honour to be in the presence of such a classy and highly intelligent woman. In the coming days, I will contact her and ask her several questions and will be writing an article about her.

My journey to my homeland was brief and suddenly was disrupted due to the pandemic unfortunately. I would be there still until the end of this month but, oh, well. I will plan it again once this disaster is over.

Sending love to you all at home, you who are essential and critical workers who are risking your lives to keep the services we desperately need running. I do love and honour you. Please stay safe and I pray this shall pass and we enjoy peace a health after this.

A big part of me is pleased how calm the world have become. How little money we are spending and how clean the environment is becoming. We must never go back to the way things were before the pandemic. I for once will never be the same when it comes to consumerism, rushing, stressing about worthless things and my carbon footprint.

I am taking this time at home to continue healing my brain and continue writing. Being in my homeland healed me in such a way that I am writing poetry again. I can’t wait to share it with you all.

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