Listen to CFRO 100.5FM on 22/3/2018 @13:00hrs.

I am honored to be invited once again to be interviewed by the delighting, uplifting & loving kind Ariadne Sawyer the host of World Poetry Café   from the Coop Radio CFRO in Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  at 13:00hrs Pacific Standard Time.

You can listen worldwide live from the computer or your app by selecting ( Listen Now ) on the top bar of the website. So, mark your calendars and be sure to listen in. Before the interview, you may want to send an email to the host Ariadne Sawyer asking her questions (any question) you want to ask me on the air. You may also choose to call in to the studio the day of the interview and be live and ask any question or comment on my books, my poetry or anything else. I would like to hear your questions.


The CFRO Coop Radio Radio numbers are: 

Office line: (604) 684-8494
Studio line: (604) 684-7561

Once again, I am honored and happy to be invited to speak on the radio and spread some news. I am thankful to all the love & support I am receiving generously from family, my neighbors, my friends, my poetry group and many who do not know me in person but support me and my writing journey. I am utterly humble and thankful to you all. I appreciate your continued support as I embark on yet another journey of my book three of poems, my memoir and also a short story book is in the work yes, all simultaneously.


Please help me continue to promote  my poetry books ( I’m No Hero ) & ( Counting Waves ) that I sell and can ship to you worldwide. Check out the ( LINKS ) option above to see where you can find my book for purchase or borrow.


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Lozan Yamolky





My books are at VPL

Ok, it is official, my poetry books are at the Vancouver Public Library VPL
You can find it in the: Vancouver Indie Collection on the main floor or place a hold online.

My books are about freedom, spirituality & the quest for peace on earth & the travails of refugees … spread the news.


Please take a moment to go to the library’s website and rate my book & if you can, write a review please.

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Where to get your copy of my books?

Please check out the option on the website: ( Links ) to see where you can buy my poetry book ( I’m No Hero ) or (Counting Waves ).

If you order from me directly and use PayPal, I can ship it to you worldwide.

Thank you to all who bought my book(s) and spreading my poetry around. I have sold over 200 copies of each of my books in Canada & worldwide and I have just begun.
I have about 30 copies only left here. My publisher is printing 100 more copies so I do not run out.

I am working with my dear friend and award winning poet, Deborah L. Kelly editing my third book of poems. I can’t wait to get the manuscript ready for the publisher.


Stay tuned for another  big announcement in April!



Natural Love

hawaii 1

©Lozan Yamolky


Pull me towards you;
whisper my name. 


With your arms stretched out
signal that you want me near you.  


With your eyes
speak to me. 


Touch me all over;
I long for you.


Breathe your love;
breath your tenderness

and serenity into my soul.


I have no desire to compete with you.  

I do not wish to test your love.

I will not question whether you love me more.
There is no need to wonder,
because I know us.


You make loving you
as easy and natural
as breathing.


As magnet pulls magnet,
so your lips pull mine. 


I see your eyes desiring me;
I feel your gentle warmth on my body. 

Your touch 

– oh your touch,
so tender;
so loving and so kind.


I want to be with you rain or shine,
day or night,
good times or bad. 


I want to be with you
– keep me!


In your arms,
I am in peace.
In your arms,
I am home.
In your arms,
are all my future years. 


In your arms…
is where I belong.


©Lozan Yamolky
From my debut book: I’m No Hero
Published in 2016


Winter love



© Lozan Yamolky

Take me to the forest

among the majestic tall trees.


Let me walk,


smile and rejoice

with your hand holding mine.


Take me where I can witness

streams of light radiating

from the glorious sunrise

on a foggy, wintry morning.  


Take me with you

because when I am with you,

I am happy.


© Lozan Yamolky
From debut book: I’m No Hero
Published in 2016