Trouble in Paradise

—© Lozan Yamolky

On the bark of the mighty banyan trees, inscriptions of a hurting native soul 

send shivers down your spine.

Near a high end eatery,

a homeless man lies in deep sleep,  covered with a blanket.

On the sidewalk of the famous Honolulu strip, an elderly woman walks

with all of her life’s possessions

in a shopping cart.

In the most prestigious hotel

a single mother works,

barely getting by;

yet she smiles so sweetly.

In the most pristine, ancient forest,

tourists toss trash with little regard.

At a beautifully landscaped intersection

cars wait for traffic lights to turn green;

while a beggar in a wheelchair,

with his head down, holds a sign that reads: 

Iraq war veteran, please help!

The massive, spectacular waves cannot talk; 

if they could, they would tell stories 

of how many took their very last breaths  seeking the thrill of just being in the waves.  

Mountains higher than skyscrapers stand tall,  allowing only a few to reach their peaks;

others were not so fortunate.

Yes, even in paradise my friends, 

there is trouble!  

(From my debut book: I’m No Hero
Published in 2016 by Silver Bow Publishing)


Cruel Colours of War

©Lozan Yamolky 

No longer green are our trees.

No longer do our walls,

windows and doors have colour.

No longer are our skies blue

– not even our flesh is natural!

The wind stopped blowing away

the smoke that chokes the breath,

cool breezes and fresh air

abandoned our land.

Birds flew away

and just like the children,

stopped filling our days

with lively flow,

joy in the air,

laughter that made us smile

and songs that made our souls joyfully dance inside.

The wars have silenced us,

stolen our smiles

and painted us all 

with the gray and cruel colours of war.

I will be at the Tagore Festival on Saturday

Come to the Justice Institute of BC in New Westminster 

Program Line-up for the Event of Saturday December 1st, 2018 at 1:30pm 

1:30pm: Networking/Mingling and Refreshments
2:00pm – 4:00pm: Main Program
– Tribute to Lee Tan, founding president of VTS
– Music (Tagore Songs by Vancouver Tagore Society)
– Reading by the 10 shortlisted poets from the Poetry Contest
— Bong-Ja Ahn, Nabin Kumar Chhetri, Joyce Goodwin,
— Candice James, Deborah L. Kelly, Janet Kvammen,
— Kate Rogers, Betty Scott, Carla Shafer, Celeste Snowber
– Award Ceremony for the Vancouver Tagore Poetry Contest 2018 with Alan Hill, Poet-laureate of the City of New Westminster
– Poems of Rabindranath Tagore (in Bengali) by Zeenat Zahan Anita
– Poems of Rabindranath Tagore (in English) by Students from the Inter-A Program
— Poetry by Invited Poets
— Jaqueline Maire
Fran Bourassa
Lozan Yamolky
— Jónína Kirton
Alan Hill
– Music (vocal and instrumental) by Students from the Inter-A Program

Impressive line up of featured poets for the “Invited Poets” segment of the Celebration of Poetry event this Saturday December 1st in the Justice Institute of BC.
Fran Bourassa
Jonina Lynn Kirton
Alan Hill
Jacqueline Maire
Lozan Yamolky

As part of recovering from my car accident that happened on Friday, I am set to get up, move and take deep breaths… I will be one of the guests reading one poem. I will read from my upcoming poetry book ( Dreamers Needed ) and my books ( I’m No Hero ) & ( Counting Waves ) will be on sale $20.00 each. 

I will be able to take pre-orders of my upcoming book that is getting launched at the end of December or early January 2019 

Check out the Tagore Festival link attached and do come to the event if you can. It is free and donations is appreciated. 

Alone with my thoughts

Alone with my thoughts

I felt as if the spinning planet

paused for six seconds.

For six long seconds,

I felt as if the spinning planet,

stopped spinning 

and I was alone with my thoughts.

The earie silence at moment of impact and subsequent crash,

happed as if the universe pressed

‘Mute’ button

where I heard nothing but a long sharp (ting!)

The ‘Mute’ button was pressed again

I heard the car land on the pavement

and the sound of broken glass and debris all around me.

The awful smell of gunpowder

was a signal to my brain that I am alive.

Where I was headed to, didn’t matter, and nothing else mattered,

I was lone, I was frozen, and I can’t breathe.

I can’t breathe!

I was alone with my thoughts and all I could say to myself was.. 

I can’t breathe.

I can’t breath!

Time off to heal


I am taking some time to heal.

Forgive me for informing you of some bad news!
I was involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident on Friday November 23rd, 2018 in the afternoon on the Mary Hill Bypass. I did not suffer broken bone, internal or external bleeding. I got beat up real bad and my husband’s 2016 Nissan Leaf (Electric Vehicle) I was driving is totaled. Firefighters had to cut the door to get me out of my driver seat. At RCH I was sent home after MRI and after they saw me put weight on my hips.
I am resting at home and as anticipated, I am in quiet a lot of pain, stiffness and discomfort. I am in such pain that even crying and taking deep breaths, hurts.
You may contact me via email and phone in the time being if you need me. I will certainly keep you abreast on my conditions should I take more time off to heal. I apologize sincerely and appreciate your understanding to the situation I suddenly found myself in. My wrist watch/Fitbit showed at the moment of impact, my heart stopped.
There is no way my life would ever be the same after this.
I am shaken to the core yet incredibly feeling blessed that I did make it alive. The driver that turned left fast and hit me while I was going through a yellow light, is alright and walked away from the accident scene, the policeman told me that later.
I can’t speak further about the incident; I hope you can respect that this is the time for me to focus on healing and recovering from the shock and trauma.
My family, my friends and my social media crew are sending me healing lights and prayers.
Please be careful on the roads.
Respectfully yours,
Lozan Yamolky
I took this photo about 2 hours before it became a wreck

I will be here from 11:00-12:00pm

Mark you calandar folks and save the date!
Come to the Haney Place Mall in Maple Ridge on Sunday Nov 24 for the (Local Author Day) at Black Bond Books event
Come meet, chat with and support local authors!
You can buy my books from there and get a first sneak peek at my upcoming third book of poems that is coming up in December
Herb W Bryce & I will be there from 11:00-12:00pm

My dear friend Herb is the author of Chasing a Butterfly