I Am Transparent, Yet I Block Out the Sun

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I Am Transparent, Yet I Block Out the Sun
© Lozan Yamolky



Do not fear me

for I am safe.
Do not hide from me

for I am everywhere.
Do not run away from me;

because no matter how slow I move,

I can and will catch up to you.


I am here all the time

but only make myself visible when I desire.


You cannot touch me,

but you can feel me cool on your face

so, go ahead, breathe me in and breathe me out.
I am only here briefly

so, make the best of it while you can.


Don’t search for me and do not wonder where I am.

I will come to you

when I want.


Do not be discouraged:

do not complain to me about my absence,

do not tell me how long you’ve waited,

wanting to see me;

because no matter what,

I will always make you sigh in relief

when I arrive.


I will make all your sadness dissipate.


I will dim the lights

no matter what time

of day or night.


I will cool the air;

no matter what season.


I will make you see only

what is already here.

I will make your world small;

so, focus on what I am letting you see

here and now.


I will blanket your town,
your valleys and the foot of your mountains
that’s how powerful I am.


Now one can see you from above

when I arrive.


I am temporary

yet I am forever.


I am harmless

yet I can make a peaceful path

seem eerie, lonesome and cold.

I am transparent

yet I can block out the sun.


Do not fear me

but be prepared

when I am approaching you.


I am the clouds in your skies

descending to earth

to be where you are.


So, be here;

spread your arms;

welcome me

and enjoy my visit before I am gone.


© Lozan Yamolky
Counting Waves
Published by: Silver Bow in 2017

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Poetry book by: © Lozan Ymolky


In honest and poetic language, brimming with connection to the human experience, Lozan Yamolky invites us to love and live boldly, amidst uncertainty, loss, and the call to justice and freedom.  Counting Waves is a collection that will change you, woo and inspire you to welcome all of life’s story. ~ Celeste Snowber, PhD., Author of “Wild Tourist” and “Embodied Inquiry”. 


Lozan Yamolky paints a river of emotion, page after page in her deeply moving poetry. “Counting Waves” displays her great compassion for others and the earth; she has captured both the joy and devastation of society and self. ~ Deborah L. Kelly, Author of “Heartworks”; “Cry of Humanity” and “Through My Eyes”


“From the secular to the sacred, each poem is like a prayer, an entreaty: for compassion, for awareness, for a more loving way of being in the world. Alive with sounds and images, her forthright wording rings through us like silver bells on a cool, clear night. Nothing escapes this poet’s wise and insightful gaze.” ~ Sylvia Taylor: Author of “The Fisher Queen” and “Beckoned by the Sea”.


Simple-worded yet strong-messaged poems expressing profound introspection through every day imageries…effusing sanguinity for bliss, peace, harmony and humanity; yet built on the pyre of sadness, grief and loss perpetrated by oppression and injustice. A must read for souls looking for solace and inner strength. ~ Duke Ashrafuzzaman, Vancouver Tagore Society


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Do You Want to See Iraq?


Do You Want to See Iraq?

© Lozan Yamolky

Do you want to see Iraq?

Do you want to see my Iraq?

Do you want to see the Iraq  that flooded my heart
since childhood  with much of the love
that is flowing in and through me?

Do you want to see the Iraq  that made me respect the poor,
enjoy nature
and value life?


Iraq that made me feel love  for mountains,
hills and even skies?
That love was for ordinary, beautiful life
and a growing admiration  for genuinely caring people.


Do you want to see my Iraq?


The Iraq that made my heart  skip a beat
and never again returned  to its previous rhythm
from the moment I crossed the borders
of that land into a foreign land?


This foreign land welcomed me:
accepted, fed and sheltered me.


Do you want to see the Iraq  that put a lump in my throat?
Though I never cried enough,
the second the Turkish border guard
stamped that page on my passport
allowing me into their land;
I released my tears.

The stamp sounded much like
a loud single beat on a metal drum.


I recall looking through the night skies
when the plane took off,
taking me far, far away from Iraq.


From Istanbul heading to Canada;
I looked long and hard  hoping
to see Iraq one more time.


From above the clouds,
against the cold window,
I pressed my face  and prayed I could see Iraq
in the distance
– just one more time,
perhaps for the last time.


I never truly said goodbye.

I could not truly bid it farewell,
even though this was no vacation;
nor was it an easy  or a safe choice to make.


I prayed in silence  as the plane flew over Europe;
prayed that one day,
I would see  my Iraq again…
but in peace.



Who leaves a land they love too much?’
I am asked from time to time
to which I answer,
‘Who wants to run back into their home
when it’s on fire?


© Lozan Yamolky
A pome from my debut poetry book: I’m No Hero
Published by: Silver Bow in 2016
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