Can you hear the colors now?

New Poem


The sound of colors
~©Lozan Yamolky

Praying trees
branching upwards
reaching the heavens
as if they are interceding,
praying on our behalf;
speaking to God.


The dove of peace
is fluttering with wings
spreading sparkles gold dust
hovering silently
as falling snow.


You see butterflies and birds in every image;
you don’t have to search for them,
they are there in every frame
reminding to take notice
of the beauty that surrounds you.


Lily pads glistening
in the bright full moon
inviting your toe to step
on the path they created for you.


Every ring of water wave you create
tings gently
as tiny silver bells
as a ballerina
dancing and twirling
on the water.


The hand of Hamsa
is assuring you,
welcoming you, saying:

You are safe here.

You are protected here.

You are meant to be here
so come in, Shalom.

Can you hear the colors now?


I was invited to visit the art exhibit of Ava Lee Millman Fisher
I was so inspired by her work, I wrote this poem in 5 minutes during the break then shared it on the open mic. Go to the Jewish Community Centre on 41st Ave. near Oak Street in Vancouver. It is on until April 6th. GO SEE HER ART!



Mark your calendar for March 22, 2018 @13:00PST


I will be on the radio!

See earlier post below about my upcoming radio interview on (World Poetry Café)
with beloved and kind host Ariadne Sawyer; you can listen live from the CFRO Coop Radio Vancouver website worldwide or on the radio 100.5FM on that day.

The interview will be archived for 6 moths after March 22 so you can hear it anytime after the 22nd.
I’d love to hear from you before or after the interview.

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My Profile Photo?

This is what I was giggling about when my profile photo was take; my husband photographed me while I was taking photos of him.


Now you know.
This was near Sandy Beach on the island of Oahu, Hawaii in 2016

ps. I remember, I was in sever pain & hemorrhaging that day; Harry took me out to relax, write and take photos on the beach. This is another story for another day.