My Homeland Trip (Kurdistan)

Finally, after twenty-six years and after a very long battle internally, externally, and financially, I did it. I finally did it!

I battled within myself because I worried if I could afford such a long journey and more, I feared how my husband would say no fearing for my safety. I will now get to sit and share; however, briefly, a bit about the trip to my homeland, Kurdistan, with you all.

Here is one photo I can share. Above me is a sign that reads in Kurdish: SHARI JWAN =Beautiful City. This photo was taken by my eldest sister, who took me all over Suliamany to show me around.

I missed my homeland so very much. March 21st, 1994 was the day I took my very last steps before I migrated to Canada. I have had solid plans to go to Kurdistan in spring 2019 but due to my TBI, I could not go.

I purchased my flight in October 2019 but did not tell anyone, not even my husband or my boys. I knew in deepest soul and my heart that I was going, and there was nothing, and no one would stand in my way. I have denied my heart and my spirit for far too long when they felt the tug to return home. I had to return home or die of sadness. It was powerful, it was deep and it was real.

Even though I purchased my tickets secretly, I felt absolutely no fear, worry, anxiety, or uneasy intuition. I felt the most peace within I have ever felt getting the expensive return flight to Kurdistan through Lufthansa Airlines. I felt complete and utter contentment and started from that day on, journaling every day of how excited I was to count down to the day that I go back home.

In my journal, I read it and see how happy I was at the beginning and as the number of days went from three digits to double digits, and in the ninety-day marks, I began to worry. I was yet to tell my husband and my boys of my plans to go visit my homeland.

The day came, it was half an hour before the new year 2020. I told Harry and then I visited my boys and told them. Not until late January no-one in my own family knew I was going.

So, here I am, at home, sharing a part of my fantastic journey that was abruptly and suddenly cut short due to the virus that was declared ‘pandemic.’ Things became uncertain all over the world, so I paid the penalty of ~$600 and changed my flight to return to Canada because I feared I would be stuck and would not be able to fly home. 

I write this as I am on Day #8 of 14 days self-quarantine. It is something we are all doing to avoid the possibility of spreading the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

I will not bore you with the details for now because I am writing the entire story to share with you at a later day. I want to take more time in the coming days to tell you what incredibly fantastic time I had visiting my homeland. It was terrific; Kurdistan is the most beautiful place on earth, and I will go back when this crazy time is over. I wish you all one day to get to go and see Kurdistan. Each day I was there, I told my sister, was the best day of my life, then the following day, I told her, no, no, this is the best day of my life. This went on for the entirety of the first seven days.

I was amazed at how much love I felt from everything in Kurdistan. I felt the love from the people, the trees, the gentle breeze, the mountains, the rain, the waters, the birds, the animals, and even the sacred soil I walked on. It is an incredible feeling to return to my homeland. Sad that I had to respond in such a hurry.

Enjoy those few pictures, and I will share more in the coming days. And, yes, I did write many many new poems. I will type them all and share it with you all.

Ps. for those of you can’t wait that long to see my journey written here on my website, feel free to see my posts on my Instagram page @Lozna1972

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