UNESCO World Poetry Day on Thursday March 21, 2019 @ 6:00pm

Forgive my delay and short notice about the event happening tomorrow.
I will be one of the readers at this year’s Writers International Network & Moberly Art & Cultural Centre. We invite you to an evening of poetry in celebration of UNESCO World Poetry Day on Thursday March 21, 2019 @ 6:00pm
Join us to enjoy amazing poetry 🕊

I will read my award winning poem ( Peace Treaty )
Connect with Ashok and ad your name to open mic and share your poetry with us.
Lots of free parking in Vancouver and even snacks, tea and coffee provided.

Get your DaCapo Chamber Choir tickets for 9/3/2019 & 10/3/2019 now!

I will be in Waterloo & Kitchener Ontario (Follow The Moonroad) event to read my poem “I am here” before the DaCapo Chamber Choir lead by Christina Dunkin sing it.


Get your ticket soon to secure your spot on Saturday March 9th in Kitchener Ontario or Sunday March 10, 2019 in Waterloo Ontario.

Saturday March 9th, 8pm (Kitchener) & Sunday March 10th, 3pm (Waterloo)

  • guest artist: Miriam Stewart-Kroeker, cello
  • premiere of Following the Moonroad, the commissioned work for choir & cello by Christine Donkin (featuring new texts by Canadian poets Connie Braun, George Elliott Clarke & Lozan Yamolky)

I am packing my traditional Kurdish costumes to wear those two days. I hope I won’t freeze when I am there. I am not used to the cold there and have never been eastern Canada before.



**NEWS**NEWS**NEWS** “…You -Lozan, will hold the title as the winner of “Rabindranath Tagore Award- International” for the year 2019.”

I am humbled to announce to you all: https://www.facebook.com/notes/rabindranath-tagore-award/peace-treaty-rabindranath-tagore-award-winning-poem-2019-contest/2101919813207419/ 

My voice, my sorrow /hope filled heart and my presence at this critical time in our tumultuous world is the driving force behind the poetry I write.
To see one of the voices of a humble poet calling for peace and an end to the senseless violence in our land, get lifted up and appreciated, gives me joy to know that we are on the right track and heading towards a better future for the sake of children of today and generations that will follow.
I am utterly humbled to the point of falling to my knees to read the reviews the judges remarked on my poem.
Thank you from the botton of my heart 🕊
This poem is in my latest poetry collection (Dreamers Needed) self-published through McNally Robinson Book Publisher in Winnipeg 💐 They are sold in New Westminster & Maple Ridge.

I got the news the moment our flight arrived in Toronto early yesterday morning. This is such an honour and to read the judges remarks fills my eyes with tears.

I too actually was seriously thinking of sending THIS poem to leaders of the world. To read one of the judges suggesting this, convinces me to actually do it and I will.

this is the email I got from the Poetry Contest:

Dear Lozan Yamolky,


We are very glad to inform you about the position scored by your poem in the recent contest.  Your poem ‘PEACE TREATYis adjudged as the BEST POEM (FIRST POSITION) in the contest. Your winning position is based on the meritorious score you have gained in this competition judged by the following panel of juries.


You will hold the title as the winner of “Rabindranath Tagore Award- International” for the year 2019.

Once again, we wish you many wonderful achievements in Literature and to have a great relationship with you in all creative endeavors.

Gopakumar Radhakrishnan

Founder- MD,





Dated 23/2/2019

Save The Date


In September 2017, The DaCapo Chamber Choir commissioned Connie Braun, George Elliott Clarke & myself to each write a poem about ( The Refugee Experience ). The poems will be put into a song the choir will sing.

Here is the BIG NEWS:
Saturday March 9 & Sunday March 10, 2019 in Waterloo Ontario, I am invited to be there along with Connie Braun & George Elliott Clarke to recite our poems before the choir sing it.

It is such an honor!

I booked the flight to be there for the event. ☺️

Spread the news and come to Waterloo Ontario to the big event and get the tickets from the link below.

Now, my dilemma is what to wear? Waht to wear? 🤔

Find my bio at McNally Robinson website


I can’t wait for you to get your hands on a copy of my latest book: Dreamers Needed. From the website above, you can order copies of my book.

If you want my books at your public library, go to your local library and ask them about me by name or my poetry books, (I’m No Hero), (Counting Waves) & (Dreamers Needed) from their end, they can order the books to keep on their shelves for people to borrow. 🙂

Once my health improves a bit more, I will be scheduling and announcing more book signing and reading events but in the meantime, I stay home and rest. I look forward to reading book reviews from you. 🙏🏼

Where to get my book?

You can order my book from the publisher https://www.mcnallyrobinson.com/9781772802207/lozan-yamolky/dreamers-needed?blnBKM=1

If you are in the Lower Mainland area anywhere near Vancouver, I would gladly meet you to sell you a copy of my book.

When I start feeling a bit better and my energy return a bit more, I will leave few copies my book at Indigo Chapters in Metrotown/ Burnaby, Renaissance Books in New Westminster, Black Bond Books in Maple Ridge, as well as the public libraries.

I get dizzy and tired doing all that now so I ask you to order it online from the publisher or contact me directly. Once you get my book, plesae take a few moments and send me a book review. I would love to hear from you how my poetry is influencing you.

Also, on YouTube, if you search ( Lozan Yamolky ) you will find a couple of poetry that I managed to record and post. I hope to do more as I start to get better.