You can buy my poetry books directly from me and I will ship them to you worldwide. In the meantime, you can find my books sold at the following locations:

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Here are some links to dear friends, artists and poets that helped me with my becoming an author, journey:

My dear friend and talented artist that created my book cover Counting Waves and all my promotional posters Janet Kvammen:

PlanetJanet Creations


The amazing, one and only Deborah L. Kelly who is an award-winning poet and the author of four poetry book. She helped me a great deal with initial editing of both my debut and second book of poems and more:

Deborah L. Kelly Poetry

My gifted and highly intelligent dear lady Nasreen Pejvack helping me in my writing and encouraging me with my future books and networking:


A great friend, an inspirational poet and a wonderful person with an honor call a friend, Herb Bryce:


The talented writer, editor & public speaker Kurdish-Canadian woman that wrote m book review is Ava Homa: