Alberni Valley Words on Fire 14/10/2020 @ 7:00pm–807eaW9cf405tET-io0vjmlLesOGIPMkc-RbBZt0–807eaW9cf405tET-io0vjmlLesOGIPMkc-RbBZt0

Mark your calendars for 7:00pm (pacific time) Wednesday October 14, 2020I will be a feature poet at: Alberni Valley Words on Fire

I am thrilled to be reading for audience for a change since the global pandemic. It has been a while. Federation of BC Writers has created an online friendly atmosphere series called (Road Trip) through Zoom since March promoting writers around BC, the Yukon and beyond.

Check out: I invite my writer friends to sign up for open mic through the website on 14/10/2020 🤗 Thank you 🙏🏼Jac Lin Car Michael for inviting me. I am happy and I can’t wait to enjoy being a guest on the show.

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