Surviving COVID-19 Pandemic

It has been 42 days since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 a.k.a. Coronavirus, a ‘Pandemic’. On March 11, 2020, it was declared world wide pandemic and ever since, life has shifted and I hope will never be the same.

Long after this pandemic is passed, I have made it clear that I. personally, will never bee the same person I was before this. My social life, my consumption, my waste producing habits, my commuting, my eating and my everyday ‘normal’ will change. If I can take one lesson from this is that this entire planet is now one. All that politics about ‘theirs & ours’, we are better and they are less, we deserve and they don’t etc., is all gone now. we are all in this together. We are suffering as one being.

From miles away, we are crying for the mass loss of lives. We are all weeping at the daily –I mean, hourly changing news. The bad news contunues to pour out each and everyday. No matter where you are on this earth and who you are, you are affected.

This nasty virus reminded us once again when the elders from all indigenous people from all around the globe been saying all along for hundreds and thousands of years; ‘we are one’. They have been saying to us that everything on this planet is connected. Each choice we make affects others. We must not disregard other beings because we are conditioned to think less of them. I know people in my own life that still look down at those who are less fortunate, the poor, disabled, those who wear headscarf’s, those with different color skin and those who have different ideas than our own. I know some who hate those who have different faith or dress differently.

Let us strive to survive this pandemic and change. Let us all change from the inside out. One of the greatest joys I have ever noticed during those hard times is how the oil industry is being crushed to death becuase we are not giving them our money, now it is clear that they need us much more than we need them. Boy I loved seeing the market take a nosedive. This is the wake up call for us to change our ways and shift to renewable energy.

I am taking this time at home cleaning, gardening, planting food, connecting digitally with those I love, finishing some (unfinished / partially finished projects), working daily on learning Kurdish Daf, posting videos on my YouTube Channel (reading my poetry & sharing stories) and now that my office is completely moved to the basement, I have all the free time I need to finish my manuscript. I will be working on the MSS of my story. The phot you see above is the one I am planning to make the cover of my upcoming book.

I am continuing my Kurdish Daf classes during those days but over ZOOM we gather and practice with our amazing teachers.

Here is my YouTube channel:

Do your part in making this world a better place by becoming humble, kind and memorable. Use this time at home to rest and know yourself. If you must go outside to work or get groceries etc., make it a point to thank each and every one you see working to serve you. Thank them for working so you can get gas in your car, bake your bread, stock the shelves in your grocery stores, the bus drivers, the frontline worker… the list is endless so you get the idea right?

Be kind and assure them that you truly are thankful they are working and if you take an extra moment, ask the managers/ those in charge to pay anyone working during this pandemic to get (Hazard Pay). Let us appreciate those who are working to make it possible for us to stay home.

All My Relations.

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