Kurdish-Canadian poet urges youth to ‘read, search, connect, write’

Kurdish-Canadian poet urges youth to ‘read, search, connect, write’ (kurdistan24.net)

LOS ANGELES, United States (Kurdistan 24) – Kurdish-Canadian poet Lozan Yamolky recently released her second collection of poems and is working on a memoir. She spoke to Kurdistan 24 about her identity, writing, and life as a refugee.

I’m No Hero” and “Counting Waves” are her two collections released in British Columbia, Canada. The poems passionately and compassionately tell the tales of what Yamolky has experienced and what she has observed.

Both collections voice the distress of the victims of war and conflict, people who lose their homes and become uninvited guests in foreign countries.

Yamolky was born to a Kurdish family and was raised in Baghdad as the fifth of eleven children. She was a teenager when she started writing, but she disposed of her notes for fear of being mocked.

“I wrote only to express my sincere pain that no one understood. I was confused and questioning my existence and the world around me,” she told Kurdistan 24.

“The pen and paper were my only friends. I felt a sense of release and calm after I wrote poetry onto paper,” she continued.

“Now, I write to reflect not only who I am and what I have been through, but I also write for those who have been silenced, those [who are] suffering and no one hears their cries, and I write for our planet that is speaking to me,” Yamolky added.

After spending a year in Turkey, she immigrated to Canada with her family in 1995 and has stayed in Vancouver ever since. She is a mother of two.

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