Despite how I terribly feel due to my traumatic brain injury, from the car crash on November 23, 2018, I am determined to launch my third book poetry that I self-published through McNally Robinson.

Social gatherings and prolonged conversations (listening, observing or carrying on a conversation myself) is proving to be challenging still and makes me dizzy, exhausted and even depressed.

A long time family friend and TV personality/ public figure Mr. Shwan Chawshin through Kurdish House in Vancouver planned the full elaborate event of launching my book. He is aware of my conditions and vulnerability so he will accommodate me a the time draws near.


In the meantime, while I prepare for Sunday February 3rd event, I will remain mostly home and try to heal, rest and recover as much as I can to prepare to handle the big day. I will be kind to myself and listen to my body otherwise if I push myself to get better fast, I will suffer setbacks and my healing will take twice as long.

Please be patient with me and do try to come to the event on February 3rd if you can.

Here is the invitation card Kaka Shwan created for the upcoming event.

I will have my previous 2 poetry books on display and for sale as well.

My latest book (Dreamers Needed) is $20.00 and on the day of the event, my previous books (Counting Waves) & ( I’m No Hero) are on sale for $15.00 each.

I hope you can come or at least share the news and help me get the word out. I ship my books worldwide so feel free to order from me or from the publisher. https://www.mcnallyrobinson.com/home

If my conditions did not improve by the time of the event, I may take time to record my poems in advance on a video clip or voice recorder.

Mark your calendar and come on Sunday February 3rd, 2019 @ 3:00pm

On Sunday February 3rd,  2019 @ 3:00pm come to DOUGLAS COLLEGE in New Westminster, BC Canada

700 Royal Avenue, New Westminster BC Canada Room # N2201
There will be poetry and book launch of my third book of poetry ( Dreamers Needed ) self-published through McNally Robinson.

Stay tuned for the official announcement. this is a sneak peek for you.

ps. I am yet to get my hands on my actual book that is why I am taking my time to make the official invitation to you all. Please stay tuned and I hope you can come to my book launch on February 3rd.


As I sit at home to recover from the car accident and heal my concussion, I am gradually going to spend some time to finish up some chapters of my memoire. It is difficult to be staring at the screen becuase it makes me dizzy and the longer I push my mind to look onto the screen, the longer it takes for my dizziness to subside and the physiotherapist told me it will take longer for the damage in my brain to heal if I push my mind at this point.

The rapid movement of my eyes focusing on details, makes my mind dizzy so I try to limit my time on the screen.

I have not been on Facebook since December 6th that is when my concussion symptoms hit the roof. It was awful and that was the time I realized scrolling and navigating through the endless pages made my conditions worse and worse so I followed the doctor’s advice and stopped even logging in.

I managed to maintain connection with my poeple though direct messenger.

Retrieving memories from my mind to put into the story I am writing is proving to be a lot harder than I thougt. My mind is foggy, exhausted and I become overly irritable during and long after I stopped looking into the screen. All of those symptoms and more that I can’t list here are due to the concussion my brain suffered after the car crash on November 23rd of last year.

I am beginning to feel my dizziness worsening and am getting nauseous right about now. I better get off the screen and will write later.

Good morning to you all from frosty Vancouver, BC Canada and have a wonderful Monday.

I am on YouTube

I looked on YouTube this morning and found many clips posted since 2014 of me speaking, reciting poetry and yes off course, performing Arabian Dance 🙂
Search for me under the following names:
Lozan Yamolky, Lozan Ham, Lausanne Yamolky & Lausanne Ham

ps. (Ham) was my last name while I was married to the father of my two boys from 2000-2014

Find My books online & in store

 https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/contributor/author/lozan-yamolky/ https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/contributor/author/lozan-yamolky/


 http://www.kurdistan24.net/en/interview/693b8001-4294-47c9-b7e7-f479f661beb8 http://www.kurdistan24.net/en/interview/693b8001-4294-47c9-b7e7-f479f661beb8