Drumbeats (Poem)

~© Lozan Yamolky

At the Pow-wow the dominant instrument of drum,
pulled me; demanded that I listen.

The rhythms of the drumbeat
evoked stable forms of energy in me I did not know existed;
my heart beat harmoniously with it.

It gave a voice to my silent soul;
it made it awaken,
and soar in the pure blue skies above.

The sacred and spiritual sounds of the drumbeats
are the sound of the heartbeat
of Mother Earth I am told.

It is a reminder of the throbbing umbilical cord music
that once was our lifeline in the womb.

The throbbing beat was all the music we heard
until we were separated from the mother.

It is a heartbeat that cannot be stopped
because it is eternal,
and it is a symbol of our living,
aching mother planet.

If we need help remembering where we belong;
if we need help to focus on our path;
if we want to see with clear intentions,
we need to
drum. Untitled.png

~© Lozan Yamolky
Book: I’m No Hero (reprint 2018)
Published by Silver Bow in 2017

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