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Poetry book by: © Lozan Ymolky


In honest and poetic language, brimming with connection to the human experience, Lozan Yamolky invites us to love and live boldly, amidst uncertainty, loss, and the call to justice and freedom.  Counting Waves is a collection that will change you, woo and inspire you to welcome all of life’s story. ~ Celeste Snowber, PhD., Author of “Wild Tourist” and “Embodied Inquiry”. 


Lozan Yamolky paints a river of emotion, page after page in her deeply moving poetry. “Counting Waves” displays her great compassion for others and the earth; she has captured both the joy and devastation of society and self. ~ Deborah L. Kelly, Author of “Heartworks”; “Cry of Humanity” and “Through My Eyes”


“From the secular to the sacred, each poem is like a prayer, an entreaty: for compassion, for awareness, for a more loving way of being in the world. Alive with sounds and images, her forthright wording rings through us like silver bells on a cool, clear night. Nothing escapes this poet’s wise and insightful gaze.” ~ Sylvia Taylor: Author of “The Fisher Queen” and “Beckoned by the Sea”.


Simple-worded yet strong-messaged poems expressing profound introspection through every day imageries…effusing sanguinity for bliss, peace, harmony and humanity; yet built on the pyre of sadness, grief and loss perpetrated by oppression and injustice. A must read for souls looking for solace and inner strength. ~ Duke Ashrafuzzaman, Vancouver Tagore Society


To order my book ( Counting Waves ), contact me. I ship worldwide.

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