McNally Robinson is publishing my 3rd book of poems


I am here to make the announcement that I have submitted my finished manuscript and cover photo to my publisher, McNally Robinson in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. I am excited to finally get the MSS done and sent so I can now focus all my writing on my upcoming memoire. 

Stay tuned for the big news of the book launch date and the subsequent book signing events.


My sincere thank you to all my dear friends and amazing poets that helped me edit and work on my manuscript especially Deborah L. Kelly & Janet Kvammen. Thank you to the talented writers who wrote blurbs for the cover of my book:

~Lilija Valis
~Patricia Sandberg
~Ashok Bhargava &
~Nasreen Pejvack


She is vividly present among the refugees suffering, dying & escaping. She is with her ancestors, her mother, son, vulnerable girls & women, declaring her love & protecting; she is with the homeless & the revolutionaries. Her purpose is to “wake up your conscience”. She advocates a life of peace, love and responsibility, in harmony with the earth.
~Lilija Valis Award-winning poet

Iraqi refugee, Lozan Yamolky, confronts us in her poetry with passionate, powerful imagery of war-torn countries. She challenges us to listen and understand, issues urgent calls to action, then leaves us believing in our power to change.
~Patricia Sandberg Author of award-winning ‘Sun Dogs & Yellowcake’

There is a genuine silence between and behind Lozan’s words. She attempts to evoke what can’t be said or expressed easily. There is truth, light & strength in her poems because they grew from her memories of actual places, experiences & events. Like a skillful weaver she knits her dreams & visions to create a compelling & captivating collection of poignant & profound poetry.

~Ashok Bhargava President of Writers International Network Canada

A brave, mindful woman. Who better to portray the anguish of being a refugee than one who has tasted it. Lozan Yamolky’s poems speak from her own experiences, showing the cruelties that our numb societies allow to operate within war zones. Yet she also paints the love of woman, mother and lover in gorgeous colours.
~Nasreen Pejvack, Author of Amity, Paradise of the Downcasts, & Waiting


Here is a brief info about this amazing Canadian publisher:

McNally Robinson was founded by Holly McNally in 1981 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with her partner Ron Robinson, who quit the book business a year later to pursue a career with CBC Radio. Robinson’s name has remained attached to the enterprise because at the time he left, McNally didn’t have the money to replace the store’s signage. Beginning with just one small corner bookstore, Holly and her husband Paul gradually built McNally Robinson Booksellers into one of the largest independent bookstores in Canada, spreading to Saskatoon and (formerly) Calgary. The stores host readings and book launches by authors from Winnipeg, Canada and beyond.


To Nana


I found an old letter I have written back in 2004 to my Nana Fatim (may she rest in peace). The printed letter was in a file on my computer that I have not looked at for years.
I am thankful that someone read this letter to her in Baghdad because I did speak to her few weeks after that letter was sent and she told me she was the photos I sent. Oh I miss her so much and I know my words are echoed by all my sisters and brothers who also loved her the same if not more.

She was one a amazing woman. I love her forever.

إلى حبيبة قلبي نه نه فاطم… إلى ٲحن و أعز نه نه باعالم كله نه نه فاطم


حياتي و نور عيوني اتمنى من كل أعماق قلبي ان تكوني على خير و صحة عافية.

عمري نه نه فاطم والله مشتاقة لكِ إلى حد مستحيل يوصف بالكلمات وصدقيني نه نه فاطم ما يمر علي يوم واحد – يوم واحد إذا ما أذكر إسمچ الطيب على لساني لو بقلبي إلي ابداً ابداً ماينساچ ولو يوم واحد.


نه نه فاطم انتي غّيرتي حياتي كلتها بقلبكِ و بطيبكِ و بصوتكِ الدافي و إيدچ الناعمة حبيبتي و عمري نه نه فاطم انتي احسن معلمة بها لعالم كلها و كلشي دا أسوي بكل يوم هنا يذكرني بيچ نه نه فاطم ولله ولله إذا بس بيدي نه نه فاطم انطي حياتي الباقية كلتها بس اشوفچ فد لحضة و أبوس إيديچ الحلوة …


نه نه فاطم انتي علمتيني كلشى اعرفة اليوم. اني هواية احبچ نه نه فاطم ولله بس لو بيدي وبس لو عندي إمكانية, ولله لا تشوفيني علا بابچ واگفة بدل هذي الورقة الي اتجنني لاُنه هي بيدچ بهاي اللحظة بدالي اني لوزان ٲو مثل ما كنتي انتي تسميني لوزينه.


نه نه فاطم اني اعرف اشگد إنتي تحبينا واعرف انو إنتي تعبتي علينا هواية هواية  بس اريدچ تعرفين انه لو من صدگ چنت اني أعرف الغربة هلگد راح تبعدنا و هلگد صعب و غالي الرجوع اليك, والله والله لا كنت احضنچ بكل قوتي  وما رحت ذاك اليوم من ودعناچ بأربيل گبال شقة خالو صباح. .



هالعالم كلها بچفة وإنتي لوحدك بچفة   نه نه فاطم هلگد إنتي لوحدك هلگد عزيزة عليه ….

حبيبتي   نه نه فاطم سامحيني لأنه ماحاولت بجهد أكثر انه ابقى على اتصال بيچ و بخوالي الأعزاء أو خاله أميرة. رجاءً وصلي إعتذاري الخاص لهم.


انشاءلله الأوضاع تتحسن باسرع وقت حتا الناس تبدأ تعيش بامن و  سلام بعراق الوطن –على گولتچ   نه نه فاطم.


وصلټني صورۃ واحدۃ وفيھا إنتي ومجموعۃ اطفال و خالۃ ٲميرۃ.


ابعثلچ بهذى الرسالة كم صورة جديدة إلي و لإبني وزوجي  إلي  ٲبدا مايمل من سمع حكايات احكيها له عنك وعن طيبتچ و همين ابعثلچ عنواني هنا بكندا.  حاليا آني حامل خمس شهور و إنشاله رحأولد طفلي الثاني بشهر شوباط السنه الجايه.


مع السلامة   نه نه فاطم گيان به قوربانت ءه بم. سلامي الى الجميع…