One book review

Lozan Yamolky says, “I’m No Hero” (poetry book title) rather she is a picture painter with words. Getting to your heart and deep into your consciousness with ‘pictures’ of what it is like to be a refugee, this woman from the Middle East’s madness will draw and colour powerful images on your being with her words. If you lack empathy and understanding of refugees, you should read this book. But it’s not all mortal pain here; there are many poems of light and airy love because escape to freedom means you can find that, too, in this other world. Most remarkable about Lozan’s writing is the sheer power of her words – in her 3rd language yet! If you have been a learner of languages (beyond your own) you know that you seek a careful precision in what you say – and that is why this new poet is so worth reading. ~ Reviewed by Bill Marshall

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