An ode to a beloved

An Ode To A Beloved

Dedicated to my dear Uncle Serwan Yamolky
©Lozan Yamolky January 26, 2019

I learned from my uncle

that silence is a language,

freedom can enslave you —body and soul,  

and solitude

can be a crowded and noisy place in your mind.

I learned that you can find unmatched beauty

to want and fall in love with

in imperfection,

in brokenness and in pain. 

The God that many of us fear and revere,

is a brilliant artist

and at times a prankster

with a good sense of humor.

I learned that nothing on earth smells sweeter

than the scent of a newborn baby

and nothing is more intoxicating

than a long-drawn-out passionate kiss

from a lover after a long time apart.

He told me that nothing can make you gloomier

than the memory of the voice

of a departed loved one;

that loved one that you wish

would walk through that door… just… one… more… time.
©Lozan Yamolky

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