Book Review: Dreamers Needed by Lozan Yamolky

I am utterly honored to read the amazing book review my poet friend Stephen Karr wrote for me.
Please take a moment to read what he wrote and also follow his blogs to know him more.

My Poetic World

Lozan Yamolky has written an honest, courageous and important book of personal and political poetry. I love the call and response and the use of repetition in several of the poems. It is filled with powerful poems. A Refugee Child Talking speaks to the pain and hopelessness of the refugee experience. Peace Treaty is a powerful statement about unseen horror and destruction that is experienced by its victims before leaders get to glorify themselves in the honour of a ceasefire. The book is about a desire to change the world, to not only see what’s wrong with it, but to fix it. It’s very positive in that respect. It is not only a call for justice in the world. Fundamentally, I think it’s about love on multiple; levels, the love of her sons, and the love for a world that is hurting. Warrior Up and Dreamers needed are clarion calls…

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