Brave Woman Speaks


One poem, one poet, one courageous woman sums up the pain many of us women who’ve been assaulted felt and feel now.
Those coward individuals that dare to call themselves ‘men’ just becuase they have male genitals and nothing else; those who attack and molest little girls and little boys are not men but garbage, evil and worthless pathetic waste of the breath they breathe. I do not know why there is still shaming of women who come out telling the world what has been done to them? The abusers should be ashamed not the victim!
We got it all backward but thank goodness, the table is turning and we are no longer afraid of our abusers.

Sexual assault can happen to ANYBODY at ANY TIME. It doesn’t matter what a person is wearing, thinking or doing, what time of the day or night she happen to be out and where in the world she is.
100% of rapes are caused by RAPISTS!

This woman sums up how I felt and how I feel today.. #MeToo
Brava woman warrior, Brava!

GOSHHHH I wish I can post this a thousand times!

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