Trouble in Paradise

—© Lozan Yamolky

On the bark of the mighty banyan trees, inscriptions of a hurting native soul 

send shivers down your spine.

Near a high end eatery,

a homeless man lies in deep sleep,  covered with a blanket.

On the sidewalk of the famous Honolulu strip, an elderly woman walks

with all of her life’s possessions

in a shopping cart.

In the most prestigious hotel

a single mother works,

barely getting by;

yet she smiles so sweetly.

In the most pristine, ancient forest,

tourists toss trash with little regard.

At a beautifully landscaped intersection

cars wait for traffic lights to turn green;

while a beggar in a wheelchair,

with his head down, holds a sign that reads: 

Iraq war veteran, please help!

The massive, spectacular waves cannot talk; 

if they could, they would tell stories 

of how many took their very last breaths  seeking the thrill of just being in the waves.  

Mountains higher than skyscrapers stand tall,  allowing only a few to reach their peaks;

others were not so fortunate.

Yes, even in paradise my friends, 

there is trouble!  

(From my debut book: I’m No Hero
Published in 2016 by Silver Bow Publishing)

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