Time off to heal


I am taking some time to heal.

Forgive me for informing you of some bad news!
I was involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident on Friday November 23rd, 2018 in the afternoon on the Mary Hill Bypass. I did not suffer broken bone, internal or external bleeding. I got beat up real bad and my husband’s 2016 Nissan Leaf (Electric Vehicle) I was driving is totaled. Firefighters had to cut the door to get me out of my driver seat. At RCH I was sent home after MRI and after they saw me put weight on my hips.
I am resting at home and as anticipated, I am in quiet a lot of pain, stiffness and discomfort. I am in such pain that even crying and taking deep breaths, hurts.
You may contact me via email and phone in the time being if you need me. I will certainly keep you abreast on my conditions should I take more time off to heal. I apologize sincerely and appreciate your understanding to the situation I suddenly found myself in. My wrist watch/Fitbit showed at the moment of impact, my heart stopped.
There is no way my life would ever be the same after this.
I am shaken to the core yet incredibly feeling blessed that I did make it alive. The driver that turned left fast and hit me while I was going through a yellow light, is alright and walked away from the accident scene, the policeman told me that later.
I can’t speak further about the incident; I hope you can respect that this is the time for me to focus on healing and recovering from the shock and trauma.
My family, my friends and my social media crew are sending me healing lights and prayers.
Please be careful on the roads.
Respectfully yours,
Lozan Yamolky
I took this photo about 2 hours before it became a wreck

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