This is what our endless shopping is doing to or planet.
This is what our insatiable (bottomless hole) desire to gather things and throw away mindlessly is doing to our planet.
This is what our hard earned money wasted on temporary things that comes in wrapped in garbage that we toss into the oceans.
This is our doing and the good news is WE CAN FIX THIS!
1) Stop buying things you can live the rest of your life without.
2) stop gifting. People who don’t love you if you don’t gift them, are not worth it to be in your life.
3) you are under no obligation to buy what they advertise, EVER.
4) start reusing things the way we did in the past.
5) learn to become minimalist & learn to fast to open your eyes to the reality of our world.
6) the list is endless…. you know better than me.

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