#WarriorUp (New Poem)


This is the poem that woke me up this morning to write it.




~© Lozan Yamolky

The voice of a new poem woke me up at dawn today so, I woke up and listened to what the poem wanted to say.


Wake up your conscience;

wake up your senses;

wake up your soul;

wake up the sleeping warrior inside.

It is time to stand even taller

than you have ever stood.


Do not wait for the disaster to happen;

do not wait for others to take that first step;

do not let the wicked voices drawn out the truth you already know

and do not let them silence and tuck you back to sleep

before they carry out their evil deeds.


Do not wait for disaster to knock on your front door;

do not wait until someone you know get harmed;

do not wait until plants no longer grow in your land

and do not wait until water in your streams become toxic.


Do not wait until you cannot breathe the air;

do not wait for the fish in the sea to wash up

by the thousands at your shores

and do not wait until a child tugs at your sleeves

looks up to you and asks,

‘why didn’t you make it stop?

why didn’t you try?

why did you sleep through all that?

why did you ignore the call?’


Wake up, stand up, speak up and be bold.

Our planet needs you now

because ‘money cannot be eaten’.



~© Lozan Yamolky

Wednesday April 18, 2018

#StopKM #ProtectTheInlet No #KinderMorgan pipeline expansion

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