Leave me

© Lozan Yamolky



When you lay down

pretending you are there

yet you are not,

leave me.


When you lay in our bed next to me

unable to sleep

with your heart burdened

wondering why you are here,

leave me.


When you find yourself sad heading home to face me;

when you rather work longer hours

just to avoid coming home to me,

leave me.


When you cannot recall the last time

you said, ‘I love you’

and you have no desire to say it anymore,

leave me.


When you find it more gratifying to poke fun at me

and embarrass me rather than say kind words about me

in the presence of others;

when your sarcasm is a statement

of how you truly feel being with me,

leave me.


When you lose all desires you had in the past to please me,

make me happy and help me;

when you withhold affection,

find any excuses to argue

and throw insults

rather than embrace and work it out with me,

leave me.


When nothing I do for you matters,

when nothing I do for myself matters to you,

when non of my dreams,

my ambitions

or my passion matters to you;

when no one I like matters to you,

when I become nothing but a roommate

and when I become a burden to you,

leave me


When you find yourself lonely without me,

breathe a sigh of relief!

Wish me well

and carry on living your life

because you are free now.


Realize all along;

all you had to do

when you stopped loving me

was to


leave  me.

© Lozan Yamolky
Published in: Creative Quills in Verse
1st Edition 2017
North Vancouver Lynn Valley Library

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