Natural Love

© Lozan Yamolky

Pull me towards you;
whisper my name.

With your arms stretched out
signal that you want me near you.  


With your eyes  speak to me.
Touch me all over;
I long for you.


Breathe your love;
breath your tenderness
and serenity  into my soul.


I have no desire to compete with you.  

I do not wish to test your love.

I will not question
whether you love me more.
There is no need to wonder,
because I know us.


You make loving you
as easy and natural
as breathing.


As magnet pulls magnet,
so your lips pull mine. 


I see your eyes desiring me;
I feel your gentle warmth on my body. 

Your touch is so tender;
so loving
and feels so good.


I want to be with you
rain or shine,
day or night,
good times or bad. 


I want to be with you
– keep me!


In your arms,
I am in peace.

In your arms,
I am home. 


In your arms,
all my future years. 


In your arms
is where I belong.

© Lozan Yamolky
(I’m No Hero) by Silver Bow Publishing 2016

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