© Lozan Yamolky

If witnessing humankind’s cruelty
renders you speechless;
if insensitive words spoken by those you love
hurt like a dagger in your chest;
if you awake after realizing
you were on a path of self-destruction;
yet, those who know you,
do not want you to change;
when you find yourself shackled
and immobile
with your head bowed down
because of all your needless possessions,
wait …
because the time for you to be the speaker
will come.

The day will come
when you find yourself in a spot
where all eyes are on you
and you can hear a pin drop
as they all wait in still silence for you to speak.

Grab the microphone and confidently speak.
Speak for those who have been forcefully silenced,
unlawfully imprisoned,
chained and ‘legally gagged’
so, they may not speak of what they know.

Speak up for those
who vanished without a trace
and those who are labeled traitors
for exposing crimes done by those in power
where innocent people perished.

Speak up for those engraved
words on prison walls
and painted metal doors
for you to read
long after they were unjustly taken away.
Speak up for those who gave up their lives
dreaming of being in your spot right now
to speak the truth.

Speak up for those who are spending nights
unable to sleep because the secrets they know
expose men in power and can get the leaker killed.

Speak up for those who are not aware
that they are slaves
because their spirit was beaten and crushed
since childhood
and they do not even realize
they can be free.

Remind people of the bloody history
those in power want you to forget
so, they can repeat it.

So, for the sake of future generations,
speak up for our hurting planet
that is being suffocated,
poisoned, polluted,
used and abused
by those who worship and covet wealth.

Find your voice in the midst of this clamor;
refuse to put a price tag on your silence,
and be the speaker
because you have the microphone now.


© Lozan Yamolky
From book: Counting Waves
By: Silver Bow Publishing 2017

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