I Won’t Be a Child for Long

I Won’t Be a Child for Long
© Lozan Yamolky


Instill peace in me.

Don’t wait until I am caught in the crossfire

not knowing which side am I on.


Instill love in me.

Don’t wait until I am all alone and in pain

not knowing why I exist.


Instill compassion in me.

Don’t wait until I harm others

not knowing what empathy means.


Instill tolerance, acceptance

and fairness in me.

Teach me how.

Don’t wait until others teach me to hate

and harden my heart.


Teach me, so I can see light

even when I find myself

in the saddest,


darkest place on earth.


Teach me now before it is too late.

Because I won’t be a child for long!


If you want to change the destiny of my generation,

you need to lay the foundation first.


Once you do, I can and will

make peace in my land a reality,

not just a distant dream.


So, shape and mold me

into what you want this world to become.


© Lozan Yamolky
Poem from my book ( Counting Waves)
Published by Silver Bow in October 2017

To order my book (Counting Waves) or (I’m No Hero), send me a message.

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