I Am Transparent, Yet I Block Out the Sun

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I Am Transparent, Yet I Block Out the Sun
© Lozan Yamolky



Do not fear me

for I am safe.
Do not hide from me

for I am everywhere.
Do not run away from me;

because no matter how slow I move,

I can and will catch up to you.


I am here all the time

but only make myself visible when I desire.


You cannot touch me,

but you can feel me cool on your face

so, go ahead, breathe me in and breathe me out.
I am only here briefly

so, make the best of it while you can.


Don’t search for me and do not wonder where I am.

I will come to you

when I want.


Do not be discouraged:

do not complain to me about my absence,

do not tell me how long you’ve waited,

wanting to see me;

because no matter what,

I will always make you sigh in relief

when I arrive.


I will make all your sadness dissipate.


I will dim the lights

no matter what time

of day or night.


I will cool the air;

no matter what season.


I will make you see only

what is already here.

I will make your world small;

so, focus on what I am letting you see

here and now.


I will blanket your town,
your valleys and the foot of your mountains
that’s how powerful I am.


Now one can see you from above

when I arrive.


I am temporary

yet I am forever.


I am harmless

yet I can make a peaceful path

seem eerie, lonesome and cold.

I am transparent

yet I can block out the sun.


Do not fear me

but be prepared

when I am approaching you.


I am the clouds in your skies

descending to earth

to be where you are.


So, be here;

spread your arms;

welcome me

and enjoy my visit before I am gone.


© Lozan Yamolky
Counting Waves
Published by: Silver Bow in 2017

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