Pain Behind the Smile 

© Lozan Yamolky



In a world that seems to be

filled with smiling people

everywhere you look,

your own sadness and grief are keeping you inside;

your curtains closed
and your lights dimmed.


In a family filled with socializing siblings,

fatigue is keeping your phone silent

and you are desiring to crawl deeper

into yourself in search of solitude.


In a workplace where you are

expected to be cheerful and positive,

anxiety is making you unable

to pull yourself out of your bed

in the morning.


Giant billboard ads

of friendly happy gatherings

are making you feel ashamed

and awkward for being unhappy.

Yet, you smile,

you socialize,

you work

and you blend in with the rest

despite the pain within.


Neglecting who you are and how you feel

to make others happy

is only a temporary remedy

to ease the deep pain you feel inside.

Many smiling faces around you

are hiding the pain too.


I know your pain

because I have been there.


I want you to know,

I understand.



I release you from the pressure

to be like the rest.



I set you free

from the chains of society’s expectations;

at least temporarily.



be comfortable to be who you are

and realize how you feel is natural.



you don’t have to say

‘I am fine’ when you truly are not!


Here is my embrace.

Here are my welcoming arms

and here is the place for you to be you.


Just remember

when you come in,

leave your smiling mask

at my front door.



© Lozan Yamolky
A pome from the book: Counting Waves
Published by: Silver Bow in 2017
To order your copy of my book or my debut book (I’m NO Hero), contact me.

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