What I Was Placed Here For


What I Was Placed Here For

#Poem by: Lozan Yamolky
From my second poetry book, Counting Waves by Silver Bow Publishing 2017


 I counted after you were born

your fingers and all your toes,

I inspected your eyes, your back

and yes, even your nose.


I was filled with relief

when I first heard you cry;

it filled me with boundless joy 

and I smiled with a sigh.


I checked your breathing

each time you were asleep;

and while I did that,

I kissed your hands and feet. 


By your bedside,

as you cuddled your stuffy bear;

I prayed for you

with lots of love and care.


I prayed you’d grow wise,

be humble and kind;

to the pain of this world

may you never be blind.


I am happy you’re my boy

and will never ask for more.

Being your mother’s my delight;

it is what I was placed here for.

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