Immortal Refugee

A poem from my debut poetry book ( I’m No Hero ) that was published by Silver Bow in New Westminster, BC Canada in October 2016.

Immortal Refugee


You cannot kill me
because I am dying every day.

Can you not see it in the news?

I am counted,
declared collateral damage,
and most times, not mentioned at all.

I am forgotten
soon after the memorable,
brilliantly colored commercial breaks.

You cannot make me bleed again;
I have no blood left in me.
My innocent blood blanketing streets;

like wet sidewalks after the rain.

You cannot stab my flesh.
It is withering away from hunger and thirst,
cold and heat,
waiting at your fenced and army guarded borders.

Even my unborn child
did not want to breathe
the cruel air I breathe.

You cannot cut my skin;

it is already cut up: divided, stretched
to its limits;

to every corner of this earth. You cannot cut my skin:

barbed wire
has already done
what you intended it to do;

protect you from my innocence!

You cannot suffocate me;
I have already drowned, washed up on shores
and eaten by sea creatures.

I no longer need my flotation device
or my boat;
my life jacket is washed up on the shore;
my boat is sunken,
and I am at the bottom of a deep sea
I do not breathe air anymore
so you cannot suffocate me.

You cannot break my bones.
Who is able to break bones
buried in mass graves?
Graves that may never be discovered.

You cannot make me cry;
my tears have overflown and flooded our lands;
hoping it would heal,
but it was never enough.

I no longer cry.

You can’t crush my spirit;
for it is eternally wandering,

Searching for the peace and security
everyone is talking about.

Searching for a God
that promised to neither leave nor forsake me.


You cannot kill me because poets of the world know about me:
I am the immortal refugee!

©Lozan Yamolky
I’m No Hero ( #Poem #Poetrybook )
by: Silver Bow Publishing 2016

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