Good Morning World



Good morning
from the island of Oa-a- hu, Ha-va- ee.
Good morning sunrise.
Good morning early birds,
hard working people,
night workers
and school children.

Good morning hopes,
dreams and prayers
we prayed last night.
Good morning to you:
you who soundly slept in your home;
you who are far from home;
you who lay lonely in a hospital bed somewhere;
and you who have no home at all.

Good morning tolerance,

Good morning empathy:
why won’t you spread like wildfires
and consume the apathy of our times?

Good morning justice.
Oh, how much we miss you these days.

Good morning all you cruel, cruel leaders,
corrupt politicians and lowlifes
who do the evil deeds of those
in power and those rolling in it;
those powerful and wealthy
rewarding you for doing their dirty work
so, they can continue to look clean,
smile for the cameras,
shake hands and look good.

Good morning to you lonely,
hopeless, desperate souls;
and you who are caught
in the dark world
and entangling webs of addiction.

Do not give up hope to be one day free from it.

Good morning love.

Good morning beauty.

Good morning pure, fresh air we can still breathe.

Good morning Mother Earth.
Please forgive us for neglecting
to remember how fragile you are,
and how much our greed is hurting you.

Good morning mighty powerful force of nature.
Show us how angry you can be!

You are far stronger
than the wealthiest,
the loudest
and the most influential of us all.

Dear Gaia,
give us another chance
to try again and never give up;
to make this world
a safe place for generations to come.

We have another chance
to break out of our silence.

Good morning world.
It is time to be awake.

It is time to rise and shine.

© Lozan Yamolky
( Counting Waves )
by: Silver Bow Publishing
Canada 2017

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