Tuesday October 3 Book Launch

Ready or not, rain or shine, happy or sad, you are coming to my book launch; you will be glad you did.

If you are sad, you will feel happy you did. If you are already happy, you will be happier.

Do not make excuse and do not search for a reason not to come to The Holy Wow Poets Canada. Come early because the lobby fills up quickly so you need to find yourself a good seat.

I am setting up a fun prizes including two people who bought my book since it printed and on the day on the launch, will enter into a draw and get their $20.00 plus I have two boxes of Purdies (hedgehog) chocolate boxes and one more mystery gift.

My book ( Counting Waves ) is $20.00 cash or online through PayPal

If you also are a poet and want to share one pome with us, Tuesday October 3rd 7:00-9:00pm is your chance to be on our open mic. Dress up or dress down it is going to be a fun and memorable 2 hours.


It is easy to find this place (The ACT Art Centre) and parking if FREE for the first hour and $0.50 for the second hour. The building is located on 224 Stree (between Lougheed Highway & Dewdney Trunk Road)

You willbe surrounded by people who encurage you and support your poetic journey. You will meet and great other talented poets and non-poets as well who are there to support my book launch.

I am looking forward to the big day in two day.IMG_5400IMG_5588

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