If I stop, poem by Lozan Yamolky (IF I Poetry and Prose Series)

Silver Birch Press

selahattin-sevi-photoIf I stop
by Lozan Yamolky

If I stop looking at you,
will the guilty feeling go away?
Will it keep you alive?

If I cry a little after I see you;
if I cry a lot,
will the pain inside me just go away?
Will it bring you safety?

If I give money to charity,
will it ease my restless conscience?
Will it put food in your empty stomach?

If I pray day and night,
will it comfort my troubled soul?

Will it put dry socks and shoes
on your cold worn-out, little feet?

If I become angry and shout to the world
every time I see you suffer;
will the world help you?

If I do whatever I can
from across the oceans for you,
will it give me peace of mind that
“at least I did something”?
Will it stop you from crying?
Will it stop the…

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